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Resurrection of the Lord Polish National Catholic Church

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A glance at the history that brought Polish National Catholicism to Edwardsville, PA.


September 6-8, 1904 - "Arise Fatherland Society" of the Polish National Alliance, Lodge No. 556, represented Edwardsville, PA., at the First Synod of the Polish National Catholic Church Held in Scranton, PA. There were two delegates.

January 22, 1916 - The first attempt was made to organize a Polish National Catholic congregation in Edwardsville, PA., in conjunction with the 53rd anniversary of the January Uprising of Poles against their Russian occupiers. However, due to the strength of unfriendly elements, the efforts failed.

January 28, 1926 - 19 individuals gathered at a home located at 573 Main Street in Edwardsville for an organizational meeting. All those in attendance voiced their strong desire for religious freedom and worship in their native Polish language. Saint Casimir was selected as the patron saint of the parish. Delegates were elected to meet with Bishop Francis Hodur in Scranton, PA.

February 4, 1926 - Information was received that "Panksztys" Hall was available for parish activities at a charge of $5.00 per usage.

February 10, 1926 - By a vote of 11 to 9, the parish committee changed the patron name of the parish from Saint Casimir to Resurrection of the Lord.

March 14, March 21, 1926 - First services were scheduled by Rev. Fr. Jozef Hornik of Wilkes-Barre, PA., and Rev. Fr. Jozef Padewski of Dickson City, PA.

June 26, 1926 - A charter was granted for the establishment of the Resurrection of the Lord Parish of the Polish National Catholic Church in Edwardsville, PA.

May 30, 1927 - Prime Bishop Francis Hodur blessed and dedicated the new church, a former furniture store, located at 76 Zerby Avenue in Kingston, PA. Rev. Klement Sinkiewicz was the spiritual leader of the parish.

November 11, 1927 - Rev. Fr. Edward Abrmaski was ordained to the holy priesthood; Resurrection of the Lord Parish in Edwardsville, PA., and Holy Name of Jesus in Nanticoke, PA., became his first parishes.

March 31, 1936 - "The Great Flood of 1936" inundated Edwardsville when the Susquehanna River reached a height of 33.1 feet. The 1936 flood took seven lives and cost $9 Million in damages; the church sustained damage.

July 12, 1936 - Rev. Fr. John Urban, the first son of the parish was ordained to the holy priesthood of the Polish National Catholic Church.

March 6, 1938 - An early morning fire did $8,000.00 damage to Resurrection of the Lord PNCC in Edwardsville.

March 18, 1938 - Concert and Dance was sponsored by the Youth Group of the parish at Burba's Auditorium in Edwardsville.

April 1, 1940 - Another flood damaged the parish propertied when the Susquehanna River reached a height of 31.27 feet.

May 1943 - The 15th anniversary of the parish organization was commemorated with the blessing of the stained-glass windows donated by families of the parish.

November 20, 1966 - The 4oth anniversary of the parish was commemorated in conjunction with Poland's First Millennium celebration.

July 28, 1968 - The Semi-annual Parish Meeting failed to approve Mass with the celebrant facing the people.

June 26, 1969 - "Friendship Society of Polish-Americans" was organized.

February 15, 1970 - Rev. John Harchula proposed at the parish meeting the construction of a new church instead of renovation of the old one; the proposal failed. The lack of children and youth was the major concern.

September 6, 1970 - For the first time in the history of the congregation, parish committee proceedings were recorded in the English Language.

February 7, 1971 - The Annual Parish Meeting by a vote of 29 to 1 endorsed the celebration of the English Mass.

January 30, 1972 - Rev. John Senko celebrated his first Solemn Mass at Resurrection of the Lord parish, he was the second son of the parish to be ordained to the holy priesthood of the PNCC.

February 24, 1972 - Tropical Storm Agnes, the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States destroyed the properties of the parish; the Susquehanna River reached a height of 40.6 feet.

June 23, 1972 - At a meeting with the Rt. Rev. Anthony M. Rysz, by a vote of 24 to 2 the plan of the new church construction was approved.

October 24, 1976 - The 50th anniversary of the parish and the Bicentennial of America were commemorated with Solemn Vespers of Thanksgiving.

March 11, 1979 - On the 83rd anniversary of the PNCC, Very Rev. Louis Orzech transfered the Most Blessed Sacrament from the 'old' church to the newly-constructed church at 36 Zerby Avenue.

May 20, 1979 - Dedication ceremonies of the new church built at a cost of $300,000.00 were held. The Rt. Rev. Anthony M. Rysz was the principal celebrant.

October 11, 1987 - a new rectory at 35 Zerby Avenue was dedicated, Very Rev. Anthony Draus served as pastor and spiritual leader.

March 13, 1988 - On the 91st anniversary of the PNCC, the first issue of the weekly bulletin was published.

April 3, 1988 - On E