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Resurrection of the Lord Polish National Catholic Church

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This page will keep you up to date on what's going on at our church.

Questions for Reflection:

- As a Christian, do you feel that you are on a sojourn in a strange land?  In what ways?
- At the beginning of today's Gospel, the two disciples have already heard all of the good news, but it has not yet made a difference in their lives.  How does this description compare with your experience?  How does the rest of today's story compare with your life?

PNCC Book Store

New items available - PNCC Lapel Pins with colored Symbol are $5.00 each plus S$H, colored PNCC mouse pad are $7.00 each plus S&H.


Mass Intentions:

Anyone wishing to have any special Mass intention or Memorial Prayers must contact Fr. Czeslaw at least seven days prior to the day they would like the prayer offered. this will ensure that proper arrangements are made and the listing is posted in the weekly bulletin. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pastoral Care at Home

Do you have family members who are sick, or otherwise unable to take part in Mass and sacraments? Please notify Father so that these parishioners may be ministered to. Thank you and God bless you.

Resurrection of the Lord PNCC * 36 Zerby Ave. * Edwardsville * PA * 18704